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Monday, September 6, 2010

Predator Dangers with Backyard Poultry

Sturdy housing, fencing without loose staples or nails and ensuring your flock is tucked in safely at nightfall is essential.

Well, even the a professional poultry lunatic such as myself has a run in or two with predators. In the spring we lost a turkey to three juvenile foxes and I was sickened. Luckily for them they ran off with their full bellies full like Ronald McDonald. No, wait..I'm thinking of the purple guy..what's his name...Hamburgler? Is that right? Yep, those little foxes ran off wallowing in their fullness just like Hamburgler. Gross.

So, needless to say we've had another series or run-in's with predators. Coyotes' this time. It's an awful shame to loose an animal you care for. I get that there's a circle of life but I'm going to complete our farm (and its circle of life) by getting a Livestock Guardian Dog to protect what is on our farm for a reason. We've got dogs but these dogs are scare-de-cats when it comes to howling coyotes. And, I can't quite say I blame them.

The good news is that our heritage Royal Palm and Bourbon Reds are growing like little weeds. Shown here atop the wood pile sneaking a peak inside the kitchen window wishing it was open. A few have made their way into the house by way of following a nosy Buckeye hen. A nosy hen who insists on laying her eggs under the drawing table in the office. I've got an open door policy so it's difficult to keep the hens out, dogs in (or dogs out), cats out (or cats in), so at times there's a few chickens and maybe a juvenile tom turkey on the tile floor looking for some grub.

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